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Auto-Moderation FAQ

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Auto-Moderation in NapoleonCat, and find out more in related articles

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Sure, the thought of auto-moderating comments, messages, mentions, etc. is enticing. πŸ€–But, it probably leaves you brimming with questions.

Perfect! We've collected and responded to the most frequently asked questions here. We've kept the answers short and sweet:

πŸ”› Auto-Moderation start

Once I set up an Auto-moderation rule, does it work for past interactions with my followers or customers?

Auto-moderation rules are only effective for interactions (such as comments, messages, mentions, posts, etc.) received after the rule has been launched. Unfortunately, we can't apply rules retrospectively to past interactions.

🌐 Supported platforms

The Auto-Moderation feature works seamlessly with Facebook (including ads), Instagram, and Instagram ads.

➑️ Learn more about supported platforms here

🎫 Ticket limits

The Pro plan allows you to auto-moderate up to 1000 tickets.

Tickets represent specific interactions where Auto-Moderation has intervened and taken action, such as responding to a comment, hiding a post, or tagging a message as 'spam'.

So, a single comment that the Auto-moderation has hidden, responded to in a private message, and tagged as 'spam' counts as one ticket.

πŸ†™ If you're close to hitting your limit, you can get an add-on at any moment!

πŸƒ Getting close to the limit

Wondering what happens as you inch towards your limit? You can always check your Auto-moderation usage like this.

And rest easy! We'll keep you in the loop with an email once you've used 70% of your limit, and again when you reach it.

βš™οΈ How it works

Every time you receive, for example, a comment with a certain phrase, we receive an immediate webhook (a piece of code) from, say, Facebook.

In response, we send a request to Facebook in real time to take an action like hiding a comment.

This is just one of the ways Auto-moderation operates in real time to manage those customer interactions for you, whatever the platform - and whatever the interaction.

πŸ’¬ Supported messages, conditions, and actions

Auto-moderation is pretty flexible! It supports a huge range of message types such as comments, subcomments, fan posts, ad comments, mentions, and many more.

Plus, you can select from a wide array of conditions and actions, like replying or hiding. Sound good?

➑️ Check these related guides out:

πŸ—οΈ Setting up a rule

Just a few clicks and you're there!

πŸ“Š Action history

Curious to see where your Auto-moderation rules have been in action?

With NapoleonCat, you get a comprehensive action history that paints a clear picture of which conversations the auto-moderation tool stepped into and what actions it took.

All that so you can tweak your rules for better engagement!

➑️ View action history of your Auto-moderation rules

πŸ“… Rule scheduling and notifications

You can schedule your rules to begin on a specific day, run them indefinitely, or end on a certain date. Plus, you can pick the exact days and hours for the rules to work.

Also, you can get email notifications whenever a rule springs into action.

⏯️ Editing, pausing, duplicating rules

Your auto-moderation rules are never set in stone. You can tinker with them as you please - pause, rerun, duplicate, it's your call.

➑️ Duplicate rules

🎨 Rule examples

Auto-moderation can truly up your social media game!

➑️ It if you need some 'how-to' inspiration to set things in motion, explore these 25 real-life examples of Auto-moderation rules.

That's just a glimpse!

πŸ”— For a full view, explore the Auto-moderation section in the Help Center.

πŸ’¬ Got questions? Hit us up on chat in the bottom, right-hand corner of your screen. We're here to help!

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