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Auto-Moderation: Overview, Features, Benefits
Auto-Moderation: Overview, Features, Benefits

Command your social media interactions: automate responses, removals, and more with rule-based moderation

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Hi there, digital maestro! πŸ‘‹

Have you ever wished for an extra pair of hands when tackling negative comments on a controversial post all the while trying to engage with fans on a viral one? It can be overwhelming, we get it!

Take a breather with NapoleonCat's Auto-Moderation feature - your own automated social media assistant. πŸŽ‰

It's like having an extra team member, working tirelessly around the clock to manage your social media interactions.

Auto-Moderation NapoleonCat

Simply put, the Auto-Moderation can help you manage the buzz on Facebook and Instagram, including ads!

It's equipped to auto-respond to queries, deal with both positive and negative feedback, delete or hide spam, and manage a myriad of other interactions based on rules you set. Let's dive in!

How it works and features

Just a quick FYI: The Auto-Moderation feature comes with the Pro Plan. Need an upgrade?

Ah, and don't worry about the language - Auto-Moderation speaks them all! 🌍

Picture this: You can set up rules for how specific interactions should be handled. A comment filled with crypto spam? No problem! πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ

It gets automatically removed from Facebook, the user gets blocked, and the message gets tagged as "spam" in your Social Inbox in NapoleonCat.

The best part? It's all automated, which means less stress for your customer care teams. πŸ₯³

Supported platforms and actions

πŸ“ For a clearer picture, we've cooked up a useful table to show what Auto-Moderation is capable of.

Keep in mind, this is a general look-see, and the actual actions and conditions may vary depending on the platform and message types. πŸ‘‡



Instagram Ads

πŸ“¨ Message types:

  • Organic comments;

  • Ad comments;

  • Private messages;

  • Comments for specific post;

  • Ad top-level comments;

  • Ad subcomments;

  • Comments, and subcomments for specific post;

  • Comments to profile mention;

  • Organic top-level comments;

  • Profile mention;

  • Organic subcomments;

  • Post page;

  • Review

  • Comments for specific posts;

  • Organic comments;

  • Private messages

  • Comments for specific posts;

  • Ad comments

βš™οΈ Conditions:

  • All;

  • Text only;

  • Containing link;

  • Containing images or videos;

  • First private message;

  • Negative or positive review



πŸ”› Trigger:

  • Specific keywords;

  • User tagged in a specific way

  • Specific keywords;

  • User tagged in a specific way

  • Specific keywords;

  • Users tagged in a specific way

πŸ€– Social Media Actions:

  • Reply as comment;

  • Reply in a private message;

  • Hide;

  • Delete;

  • Block user

  • Reply as comment;

  • Reply in a private message;

  • Hide;

  • Delete

  • Reply as comment;

  • Hide;

  • Delete

🏷️NapoleonCat Actions:

  • Archive;

  • Flag;

  • Tag;

  • Assign to moderator;

  • Mark sentiment;

  • Email notification

  • Archive;

  • Flag;

  • Tag;

  • Assign to moderator;

  • Mark sentiment;

  • Email notification

  • Archive;

  • Flag;

  • Tag;

  • Assign to moderator;

  • Mark sentiment;

  • Email notification

And that's not all! With Auto-Moderation, you can:

  • πŸ€– Pick from three ready-to-use Auto-Moderation rule templates

  • πŸ”„ Add multiple replies to randomize

  • πŸ—£οΈ Use the "@author" variable in replies to mention the user you're replying to

  • 🎯 Add multiple social media pages to a single rule

  • πŸ› οΈ Add multiple social media actions and NapoleonCat actions to a single rule

  • ⚑ Set up to 6 triggers in a single rule

  • πŸ•ΉοΈ Set up rules to take priority, ensuring that if one specific rule is actioned, others won't

  • πŸ“… Schedule rules to work only between given dates (start and end date)

  • ⏰ Run rules at all times or set up rule schedules to work only on defined days and/or hours

  • πŸ” View when and how your Auto-Moderation rules were triggered

Set it up

βž• Alright, so you're all set to create an Auto-Moderation rule in NapoleonCat? Amazing!

Don't worry, it's a guided process in the app, so you'll be able to follow through every step of the way.

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Here's how to set up an Auto-Moderation rule in NapoleonCat:

  1. First, make your way to Auto-Moderation

  2. Now, click on that "Create new rule" button on the left. You're on a roll!

  3. Choose your social media platform (we support Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Instagram ads)

  4. It's time to choose your social media page. The best part? We can handle multiple pages in a single rule. Talk about a time-saver!

  5. Up next, choose the type of message your rule will work on. This could be a mention, ad comment, private message, and more - it's your call

  6. Decide on a condition. Maybe you want to tackle messages containing links? We got you

  7. Specify your rule to trigger only when certain keywords are used, or let it engage with all types of interactions. It's all up to you

  8. Decide what social media actions should be taken, like hiding a comment, for instance

  9. Also, determine the NapoleonCat actions, such as archiving a message (optional)

  10. Want to stay in the loop? Set up email notifications, so you'll be informed whenever a rule gets triggered (optional)

  11. Decide when your rule should come into play. You can set a specific schedule or let it patrol round-the-clock!

βœ… And there you have it! You've just set up your Auto-Moderation rule.

πŸŽ₯ Additionally, you can check out this cool video that'll walk you through creating a simple Auto-Moderation rule: hiding comments with links β€” step by step:

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If you need a deeper dive, the Auto-Moderation section in the Help Center is always there for you.

πŸ“š It's packed with helpful articles like:

But how does it work in practice, you ask? πŸ€” Hold tight!

We've prepared some real-life use cases and screenshots of rules to show you the power of Auto-Moderation. πŸ‘‡

Use cases and benefits

Okay, ready to get inspired? Our users are doing some seriously cool stuff with Auto-Moderation, and you can too!

πŸ’‘The possibilities are almost endless, ranging from the straightforward to the complex, and even the super elaborate. Let's take a quick tour:

  • No Links: Let's say you want to hide all comments with links - done and dusted, no sweat!

  • Sales Assistant: Picture this. A curious shopper comments "How much?" on your Facebook ad. Boom! Auto-Moderation sends them a private message with all the pricing info, tags the comment as "potential lead" in NapoleonCat, and pings your sales team with an email. How's that for efficiency?

  • The Keyword Connoisseur: A user comments "Just bought this, but it's not working 😭" on one of your Facebook posts. Auto-Moderation, the keyword whizz, picks up on the words "bought" and "not working", sends a helpful troubleshooting guide, hides the comment, tags it as "product issue" in NapoleonCat, and alerts your customer service rep via email.

But hey, that's just the start! Check out these categories packed with ideas to get your creative wheels turning:

πŸ€‘ Boost Your Sales – Amp up your sales strategy with these ideas:

  • Auto-reply to comments asking about prices, delivery times, or product features;

  • Set rules to tag potential leads for the sales team;

  • Automatically thank users who leave positive comments;

  • Auto-reply to comments mentioning specific products with additional info or upsell suggestions;

  • Direct people asking about store locations to your nearest store;

  • Respond to comments about discounts or sales with the latest promotional info;

  • Instantly reply to messages or comments out of office hours letting people know when you'll get back to them

πŸ›‘οΈ Brand-Protection – Keep your brand's reputation shiny and bright:

  • Auto-hide or delete offensive comments;

  • Remove comments mentioning competitors;

  • Auto-hide comments with spammy links;

  • Reply to negative reviews with a request to contact customer service privately;

  • Block users who consistently leave negative or spammy comments;

  • Thank users for positive comments or sharing your content;

  • Auto-reply to users who tag your brand in their posts

πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ Customer Care Stars – Turn your social customer care into a superstar:

  • Set up autoresponders for common queries or complaints;

  • Forward sensitive customer issues to specific team members;

  • Automatically reassure customers that their complaint is being looked into;

  • Auto-reply to comments or messages out of office hours letting customers know when you'll get back to them;

  • Auto-reply to customer praise with a thank you message;

  • Notify specific team members when a VIP customer contacts you

πŸ–ΌοΈ Auto-Moderation Rule Gallery

Hiding Profanities:

Auto-Moderation in NapoleonCat

Hiding Crypto Spam:

Auto-Moderation in NapoleonCat

Survey Invite:

Auto-Moderation in NapoleonCat

How Much is XYZ:

Auto-Moderation in NapoleonCat

These are just a bunch of ideas to get you started. Mix, match, and modify these triggers, conditions and actions to create a rule that's tailor-made for your needs!

So, ready to give it a whirl and create some magic?

πŸ—¨οΈ Need a meow-tainance check? We've got you covered! Connect with our Customer Success team on chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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