Inbox is the place where all your brand's incoming messages from Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Ads, Twitter, Youtube and social media monitoring can be found and moderated by your entire team of community managers and social customer care staff. It's like an email inbox where you see unread messages (in the "New" tab), take action and then archive them to reach social inbox zero!

To manage your pages and profiles, you need to add them as "managed profiles" in Project Settings. Once that's done, new messages will start flooding your Inbox. 

To the right you will see a  list of all your managed Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter profiles as well as YouTube channels that are connected to the Inbox in a given project.

The types of messages you'll see in the Inbox are as follows:

  • comments to your page posts,
  • posts to your page made by fans,
  • comments to your page promoted posts (aka "dark posts"),
  • page mentions in public posts,
  • private messages sent to your page via Messenger.
  • reviews.


  • comments to your profile posts.
  • comments to your ads.


  • replies to your tweets,
  • your profile mentions.


  • comments to your profile videos

By switching these on and off you can decide, what type of messages you want to see. Note that your Inbox settings do not affect your colleagues' settings. They only apply to your Inbox view.

Use additional settings above the messages to:

  • set your view with newest or oldest messages on top (depending on how you like to manage conversations);
  • show only messegaes from today / yesterday / this week / the last 7 or 30 days or the entire history (from the day you started using NapoleonCat to manage the profile);
  • archive all new messages to start afresh.

You can also apply additional view filters based on the following criteria:

  • sentiment (positive/neutral/negative/not marked);
  • message assignee;
  • user tags;
  • content tags.

Depending on the message type (Facebook comment or private message, Instagram comment or a tweet), you can perform different actions:

  • reply to the message (in case of Facebook comments, you can also reply in a private message);
  • hide it;
  • delete it;
  • like it.

With each message you can also:

  • flag it - this will move the message to the "Flagged" tab so you or your teammates can easily find it later;
  • add an internal note;
  • send it via email to consult before you answer publicly; when the person you ask for consultation answers (also via email), the reply will show up in the message thread.

Additionally, you can add tags to each message and its author as well as mark sentiment for further analysis (positive/neutral/negative). Once the author is tagged, all his future messages will also be marked with the same tag. This way you will be able to quickly find it if you're talking to your current customer, influencer or an internet troll.

Each message thread shows you the history of moderation. This means you will be able to easily track who and when replied to the message, whether they tagged or archived it, or what automatic moderation rule was triggered.

NapoleonCat also makes it possible to assign Inbox messages to your teammates. Just click the circle in the bottom left corner of any Inbox message and choose the user you want to assign the message to. The assignee will be able to access it in the "My tasks" tab.

You've learned the basics of configuring and using your Social Inbox. Now it's time to go ahead and conquer social media!

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