How to manage tickets in Inbox
All about content categories and statuses
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To make moderation even easier, we have divided our Inbox into 6 tabs. The categories are: New, My tasks, Hidden, Archived, Deleted and Flagged.

inbox tabs

So let's discuss each of these and the actions you can take on tickets.

  • New - all new content and tickets that haven’t been fully moderated yet (with no "archived", "deleted" or "hidden" status) appear here.

  • My tasks - in this tab you will find tickets that have been assigned to you.

    my tasks in inbox

  • Hidden - all tickets that have been hidden (manually or by automoderation). Remember that by “hiding” you also hide the content directly on the social media platform. If necessary, you can restore hidden tickets by clicking on "Unhide" - the ticket will return to the "New" tab and appear again directly on the moderated profile.

    how to unhide a ticket

  • Archived - if you consider a topic closed it’s time to archive the ticket. Regardless of where the ticket is at the moment, by clicking on "Archive" it will move to the "Archived" tab.

    how to archive a ticket

    If necessary, you can restore it by clicking on "Unarchive".

    how to unarchive a ticket

  • Deleted - Here you can view the deleted content. Deleting a ticket means it will be deleted directly from the moderated platform. This action cannot be undone. The tickets will remain in the "Deleted" tab in NapoleonCat, but will no longer be visible on the platform they were published on. Before deleting a ticket, NapoleonCat will ask you to confirm:

    deleting tickets in inbox

  • Flagged - something requires extra attention? Flag a ticket to make it highlight to you or your team. “Unflagging” the ticket returns it to the previous tab it was in before. Remember that a ticket can be flagged and archived at the same time. If a topic is no longer important and you want to archive it, just click on the flag icon again to remove this ticket from “Flagged”. The ticket will not disappear, it will just move to the "Archived" tab. :)

    flagging tickets in inbox

💡You don't want to manually plow through your tickets to find that one you're after? We got you! You can find any given ticket — conversation or other interaction with your followers — by using the search engine in the top right-hand corner of the Social Inbox. More on searching through your tickets here.

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