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Social Inbox: Overview, Features, Benefits
Social Inbox: Overview, Features, Benefits

Manage all your social media interactions efficiently from one spot

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Hi there, social media maestro!

Ever feel like you're a juggler, keeping track of comments, DMs, posts, and mentions on different platforms? Our Social Inbox is here to save your day, and your sanity!

NapoleonCat's Social Inbox is like your very own command center for all social media interactions, helping you manage and reply to comments, DMs, fan posts, mentions, and more from various platforms – all in one place.

No more logging into different platforms, no more missing important messages. Now that's something to cheer about. πŸŽ‰ Let's dive right in!

Social Inbox in NapoleonCat

Supported platforms and types of interactions

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ We've put together a neat little table to show you which types of interactions you can manage and reply to on each platform with NapoleonCat. Check it out:

🟑 Platform

🟒 Types of interactions

Facebook (Including FB ads)

Fan comments, Ad comments, Fan posts, Profile mentions, Private messages, Reviews


Fan comments, Private messages

Instagram Ads

Ad comments

TikTok and TikTok Ads

Comments (currently no support for DMs)


Company post comments

Google My Business

Reviews, Q&A


Video comments

☝️ As we roll further into the Social Inbox, it's key to know that supported actions can vary across platforms.
We're talking about actions like liking, hiding, removing, replying to, and blocking users.
Plus, NapoleonCat has robust internal management actions like assigning, archiving, flagging, leaving internal notes, sending consult notes, and sentiment marking.
These features are designed to help you respond faster, offer top-notch customer service, and keep your workflow organized. Ready to dive deeper? Let's go!

Features and how to use the Social Inbox

πŸ”ŒTo start using the Social inbox, first connect your social media pages.

You'll then be all set for managing the incoming messages! To do it, hop into the Social Inbox in NapoleonCat.

Using Social Inbox in NapoleonCat

β›΅ Inside the Social Inbox, we've got several features to help you navigate through the sea of messages:

πŸ“ Inbox Tabs: Your new command center for social media interactions. With tabs for new messages, assigned tasks, hidden, archived, deleted, and flagged messages, you'll never miss a beat

πŸ‘€ Filters and Custom Views: Manage your workflow your way. Sort messages from newest to oldest or vice versa, filter by platform, date or by sentiment, and apply user or content tags for efficient organization

πŸ“¨ Direct Actions: Block users, respond to messages, hide, delete, or like them right from your inbox. Archive message, flag important messages for easy retrieval or assign tasks to your teammates

πŸ†˜ Internal Notes & Consultation: Leave internal notes on messages for team collaboration, or send a message via email for external consultation. Their reply will be right in your thread!

🏷️ User and Message Tags: Label your audience and messages for easy tracking and analysis. Spot your regular customers, influencers, or internet trolls in no time

πŸ’› Sentiment Marking: Tag messages as positive, neutral, or negative for easy sentiment analysis

πŸ•°οΈ Moderation History: Track who and when replied to the message, what action they took, or what automatic rule was triggered. Full transparency for your team

πŸ‘₯ Real-Time Collaboration: Work in sync with your team. Track your teammates' actions and avoid duplicating responses or actions

πŸ—ƒοΈ Social CRM Profiles: Build profiles of your social media contacts, track all past conversations, add descriptions, notes, and mark their general sentiment

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Wondering what the Social Inbox can do for you? Sure, Let's break it down!

πŸ”„ Streamlined Management: Say adios to juggling multiple apps - have all your social messages under one cozy roof!

🀝 Unified Teamwork: Assign tasks and track activities, making collaboration a breeze!

⚑ Quick Replies: With all messages at your fingertips, your reply speed will be lightning fast, leaving customers impressed!

πŸ—‚οΈ Superior Organization: Thanks to tagging and filtering, finding that one message will be a piece of cake!

πŸŽ›οΈ Customized Control: Prioritize your messages as you wish - newest first, specific platform, you name it!

πŸ›‘οΈ Full Command: Hide, delete, like or reply from the same window - control your social media interactions like a champ!

😊 Improved Customer Satisfaction: With faster responses and personalized engagement, your customers will love your brand even more!

πŸ“ˆ Increased Productivity: With a smooth workflow and organized inbox, your team's productivity will skyrocket!

πŸ’‘ Better Decision Making: With all interactions and history at a glance, make informed decisions like a pro!


Finding it tough to manage all those conversations?

Sounds like you could use a helping hand from another NapoleonCat's feature: Auto-Moderation.

Auto-reply, remove, and tag comments, messages, mentions, you name it - without breaking a sweat! πŸš€

πŸ’¬ Need a fur-endly voice to guide you? Chat with our Customer Success team in the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

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