One Auto-moderation rule can be very... elaborate. Think of trees and branches ;-) Learn how to create several scenarios of behavior for one rule.

Suppose two keywords appear in one comment, but the rule should react differently for each of them. Let's assume that when the word "dog" appears, the rule will automatically respond with the dog emoticon "๐Ÿถ". However, if the word "cat" is in the same comment, the rule is supposed to write back with the cat emoticon "๐Ÿฑ". This can be handled with one, single rule.

How to create such a rule?

After the initial configuration of the rule, proceed to add the first Trigger. Here you can specify keywords or tags of previously tagged users.

Following our scenario, let's set the first Trigger to the keyword "dog" -

What if the keyword "cat" appears in the comment? Click the blue plus icon to create a branch and set up another, independent Trigger.

Similarly, set the keywords here. You can create up to 6 such branches for a single rule, where each Trigger can cause a different reaction both directly on the selected profile and in the NapoleonCat Inbox.

Then define actions on social media and in NapoleonCat for each rule branch.

Don't forget to save your rule at the end :-)

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