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Advanced Auto-Moderation Rules
How to set an Auto-moderation rule for multiple actions
How to set an Auto-moderation rule for multiple actions
Set up multiple automatic reactions with just one rule
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Did you know that one Auto-moderation rule can perform many different actions for you simultaneously? Automate your work completely and all with just a few clicks ;-)

When configuring your Auto-moderation, you don't need to create many separate rules. You can take care of everything with one rule, the actions of which you define directly on the moderated platform and in your Inbox.

Let's assume a scenario where you get comments with questions about pricing. What can one Auto-moderation rule do for you? At the same time:

  • inform the user about the price in the comment,

  • send a private message, for example, informing about the terms of free shipping,

  • assign the ticket to a member of the customer service team,

  • tag the ticket with a positive sentiment,

  • tag the user as, for example, a potential customer.

How to do it?

Go through the steps of creating a rule that you already know and proceed to defining your Social media actions.

Select the first action, such as replying in a comment. Add your response(s) and press "Continue."

Now you can add another action - a reply in a private message:

After typing your message(s), it's time to specify actions inside NapoleonCat. These actions will only be visible in the Inbox.

After selecting the first action, you will see a plus icon that will allow you to add more rule actions:

You can perform as many as 5 actions at once - you can automatically Archive, Assign to Moderator, Tag, Mark Sentiment and Flag:

Set as many actions as you need, save your rule and enjoy your addiontal free time. (Auto)Moderating has never been so easy, right? ;-)

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