Setting up and Using Saved Replies
Save time by adding Saved Replies to your Inbox
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Fans sometimes ask the most interesting questions. Mostly, though, the comments and messages that you receive revolve around the same topics, like prices or opening times. Writing the same thing over and over again can quickly become an onerous task. This is where Saved Replies come in. Saved Replies are basically a list of messages that are saved in your NapoleonCat Inbox. They can be used when replying to your fans instead of typing up the same message every single time.

Adding a Saved Reply

In order to add a new Saved Reply, head over to the Workspace settings section and then choose Saved replies

how to add a saved reply in napoleoncat

Once you open the Add reply box, you will have to enter all the details needed for the Reply to work. 

  1. Choose a Name for your reply. 

  2. Add the Profiles where you'd like the reply to be available. Keep in mind that not all platforms support the same number of characters - if a message is too long, it will be marked in your Inbox when you try to use it.

  3. Finally, type the Content of your reply. You can use [author] if you'd like to mention the name of your fan in your reply. You can also add emojis by clicking on the smiley face in the bottom left corner.

  4. To save your reply, click Add reply. All done!

Using a Saved Reply

In order to use a Saved Reply, go to your Inbox and choose the message that you'd like to answer. Next, choose the icon on the lower left side to open the list of Saved Replies.

using a saved reply in napoleoncat

To use your chosen reply, simply click on and it will appear in your reply box. You can now edit your reply if you'd like to add something or send it as is. Click on Send reply to answer your fan, and you're done!

However, if you see that you're missing a reply, or you'd like to edit the existing ones, you can click on Edit replies in your reply list and you will be taken to your Workspace settings.

editing saved replies in napoleoncat

Happy replying!

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