Automatically Respond to Order Complaints on Facebook Messenger

Automatic responder will help you manage customer complaints

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In parallel with updates regarding hiding offensive comments on Facebook and Instagram (have a look here: ) we have met the needs of complaint management on Messenger.

Go to your ‘’Inbox’’, click the ‘’Automoderation” button on your right-hand side. You will see three windows with three different templates. Let’s have a closer look at order complaint Autoresponder now.

Creating the rule from a template requires only a few steps from you. We have named the rule for you but you can edit it of course. Choose the page where you will apply this rule.

As you probably deal with complaints in private messages in most cases, go for it as a trigger and choose the condition of the rule.

Next steps are not complicated either. You can, but you do not need to, select a tag. The rule will work on messages from users previously tagged with one of the above chosen tags.

We have gathered the keywords that will trigger the rule, and again they are based on our users’ experience with automoderation. Should you need to add any - just do it:)

We have created the template that should best meet your expectations. With it, Messenger messages will be automatically flagged and published as a private message. The auto-reply is personalized as it mentions the author’s name [@author].

You can add up to 20 different replies and NapoleonCat will randomly pick one to be published once the rule is triggered (read more here:

Nothing changes in regards to scheduling the rule, check it out here:

As always, you can set a notification. The person, whose email address you insert, will get notified that NapoleonCat has automatically moderated the following thread. Save the rule and that’s it:)

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