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Delayed or Missing Comments and Messages in Social Inbox
Delayed or Missing Comments and Messages in Social Inbox

Find out why fan interactions may not show up or be delayed in your Social Inbox and what you can do to troubleshoot it

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Keeping up with your fans' comments and messages is something you always strive for, and we totally get that. ✌️

In rare cases, interactions like comments or direct messages (called 'tickets'), either slip into your NapoleonCat Social Inbox with delays or not at all. But hey, no need to stress! We've got your back.

Delayed or missing comments/messages – the reasons

😒 It's no fun when fan interactions seem to vanish or take their sweet time to show up in your Social Inbox.

Sometimes, a disconnected page could be the issue.

Other times, it might be due to the API of the social media platform, like Facebook. These platforms send us webhooks and other essential data that keep us informed about new messages, comments, and fan interactions.

This info lets us pull those interactions from the social media platform and deliver them straight to your Social Inbox.

Occasionally, social media platforms run into hiccups, causing us to either not receive or experience delays in getting your comments, messages, and the like.

Let's look at what to do when that happens!

Comments and messages that never made it: troubleshooting

🔧 Here's how to start your troubleshooting journey:

  1. Start by checking if your profiles are connected here (keep an eye out for an exclamation mark next to disconnected profiles, with a reconnect button next to it)

  2. If they're not connected, here's how to reconnect your social media profiles

Still no luck? We got this! 👇

💬 Give our Support Team a shout in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Don't forget to provide a link to the comment that didn't find its way into NapoleonCat.

To do this, click on the timestamp next to the comment on Facebook and copy-paste the link:

Delayed or Missing Comments and Messages in Social Inbox

For other platforms, clicking on the date or a similar option should do the trick.

Delayed comments and messages: troubleshooting

We feel you, having delayed interactions in your Social Inbox can be a drag.

⏳Sometimes, these delays come from the social media platforms themselves, which is a bit tricky for us to control. Even so, we're here to help!

First things first, double-check if your profiles are connected. Look for an exclamation mark and a reconnect button to get back on track.

Still facing delays? 💬 Our Support Team is just a click away in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen!

We can request our developers to rescan your profile if it seems stuck.

Don't forget to give us the ticket ID (or the link) of the delayed comment, found in the Social Inbox like this:

Delayed or Missing Comments and Messages in Social Inbox

🔗 Curious about how we fetch Inbox Data data from social media platforms? Explore our in-depth guide to get the scoop!

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