You already know how to automatically reply to comments and messages (see here). Why not spice up your auto-replies and use random replies?

You can create random responses to both comments and private messages.

Enter the first automatic reply and click ‘’+Add another reply to randomize’’. It will make your interaction more human-like as the users will be served with a variety of answers, not bot-like ones. After you click the button, the option of adding such a reply will pop up. You can add an unlimited number of replies and NapoleonCat will randomly pick one to be published once the rule is triggered.

Furthermore, you may wish the comment author to be tagged and notified; no worries as our tool meets your expectations. Use [@author] variable in the reply content. NapoleonCat will automatically replace it with the name of the dedicated person that you are replying to.

In the next steps, you can specify the further working of the rule (click here).

Finally, save the rule. Simple, right? :-)

Let us know if you have any questions about this feature. We are always happy to help.

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