Engagement Rate (ER) Explained

Dive into the key metric that reveals audience interaction with content

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Let's dive into Engagement Rate, a handy metric that shows how engaged people are with the content shared by a page or profile.

You can spot it in both Analytics (the "Summary" and "Engagement" tabs) and Reports (page in .pdf reports: "Engagement Rate").

Engagement Rate (ER) in NapoleonCat's analytics

Engagement Rate in NapoleonCat's reports

ER is calculated by taking the total interactions and dividing them by the number of fans or followers. Then, we multiply by 100 to make the number easier on the eyes (fewer zeroes).

🔢 Below is the exact formula:

how to calculate ER

Here's how we figure out ER:

  • For a single post, we add up the interactions and divide by the number of fans/followers on the day it was published

  • For daily ER, we sum up the interactions for all posts shared in one day and divide by the number of fans/followers on that day

  • For periods longer than a day (like a week or month), we calculate the average daily ER for that time frame.

With Facebook Pages, you can benefit from the Social Interaction Index (SII) as well. To explore the difference between ER and SII < take a look at that article.

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