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Manage Users: Change Permissions, Remove Users, and Transfer Ownership
Manage Users: Change Permissions, Remove Users, and Transfer Ownership

Learn to remove users, modify permissions, transfer account ownership, and grant users access to more workspaces

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We totally get that team dynamics can be a roller coaster ride, with people coming and going or switching up their roles. 🔄️

With NapoleonCat, you can handle everything from adjusting user permissions and removing team members to transferring account ownership.

So, whether it's a new hire or a role change, NapoleonCat's got your back! Let's get down to it!

Change permissions or remove team members

🎥 Take a look at this video for a fuss-free guide, and refer to the text instructions with their links when you need them.

Text instructions:

  1. Cruise on over to Team Settings

  2. To edit a user's permissions (e.g., changing from admin to user), just hover over their name and click the pencil icon:

    Manage users in NapoleonCat

  3. When it's time to say goodbye to a team member, hover over them and hit the trash icon to permanently delete the user from your NapoleonCat account:

    Manage users in NapoleonCat

💁‍♀️Heads up: As an admin, feel free to change user permissions, but keep in mind you can't alter other admins' permissions.

Give or delete access to specific workspaces

Need to shuffle around access to specific workspaces as team members switch clients or take on new responsibilities? 👥 We got you.

Manage access to workspaces and add or remove users as needed:

  1. Start by picking the workspace you want to manage access for, just click the arrow next to your current workspace name:

    Manage users in NapoleonCat

  2. Then, scoot on over to Workspace -> Members

  3. Hover over the user and either remove them from the workspace by clicking the trash icon, or...

  4. Tweak their granular permissions for Inbox, Analytics, and Publisher by clicking the pencil icon

  5. To add a user to a specific workspace, just click "add" towards the bottom left of the page:

    Manage users in NapoleonCat

💡Handy to know: If someone isn't listed, you'll need to invite them to your account first.

Like we said above: as an admin, you can change permissions for users, but not for other admins.

Transfer account ownership

➡️ Need to pass the NapoleonCat baton to someone else? No problem!

Just drop us a line at, and let us know who's taking over (their email address).

🗨️ Alternatively, you can hit us up through the chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Our Customer Success team is always ready to assist you with a smile! 😊

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