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Add Multiple Keywords to an Auto-Moderation Rule All at Once
Add Multiple Keywords to an Auto-Moderation Rule All at Once
Bulk-add keywords to auto-moderation rules and speed up your workflow
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We know that adding multiple keywords one by one to your auto-moderation rules can be quite the chore. 😰 But, good news! There's a super straightforward way to add multiple trigger keywords all at once. This method will help you breeze through your keyword setup and speed up your workflow.

💁‍♀️ Here's how to do add multiple keywords to an auto-moderation rule in one go:

1. Create your list of keywords in a notepad, notes app, or Excel file – anything goes

Be sure to separate them with commas.

You can throw in some asterisks if needed. Adding an asterisk * before, after, or on both sides of your keyword lets you catch variations with prefixes and/or suffixes (e.g., *blockchain works for 'enterpriseblockchain').

For example, if you were looking to block crypto spam, that'd be a handy list of keywords:

list of keywords auto-moderation

2. When creating an auto-moderation rule, find the "trigger" block

3. Copy the list of keywords from your file and paste it into the text field:

4. Ta-da!🕺You added all your keywords in one quick move:

And that's it. No more endless "enter" or "comma" clicks!

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