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Search Through the Inbox
Search Through the Inbox

Seek out specific tickets in the Social Inbox with convenience

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😰 Chances are you're getting a ton of comments, private messages, reviews, and other interactions from your fans. Keeping up with all of them is not always easy. Having to manually plow through all incoming messages from your fans is not fun, either.
πŸŽ‰And that's where the Search Option in the Social Inbox comes in! You can search through the contents of your Social Inbox to:

  • find specific fan and ad comments, DMs, fan posts, mentions, reviews, and more (we refer to these as *tickets*)

  • find tickets based on internal and "send to consult" notes

  • identify tickets based on the user

Search through the Inbox

To use this feature, simply head over to your Social Inbox in NapoleonCat.

Then, look for a search bar in the top right-hand corner:

Seek out specific tickets in the Social Inbox in NapoleonCat with convenience

Depending on your type of subscription, you can search through: users, content, internal and "send to consult" notes. Simply toggle on and off the relevant options.

Let's suppose you wanted to find Instagram comments left by a user called miko.undermountain. That's an easy ask. Simply type the user's name in the search bar and hit search. We'll then present you with a list of tickets you're looking for! πŸ‘‡

Seek out specific tickets in the Social Inbox in NapoleonCat with convenience

Partial search

How to search through the Social Inbox based on partially available information?

This is where the * sign comes in handy. Let's take an example above.

Suppose you only remembered the nickname started with miko. Not a problem.

Simply search for miko* and NapoleonCat will yield the relevant results.

Seek out specific tickets in the Social Inbox in NapoleonCat with convenience

The part preceding * stands for what you can recall about a particular ticket or its author, and what comes after * (suffix) is any ending that happens to match your search.
So, looking for Geor* would potentially return results such as George, Georgina etc.

Add-on and available types

Below are the search options across the different subscription types:

Standard Plan

Pro Plan

Pro Plan Add-on or Enterprise (Custom) Plans

not available

search based on users and content

search based on users, content, internal and "send to consult" notes

πŸ’²You can purchase the advanced search as an add-on if you're on the Pro plan. To do it, go to Billing Settings and see Inbox Advanced Search under Add-ons.

And here's what each of these search options does. πŸ‘‡

Users β€” Search through past conversations with a given user to get a broader picture or refresh your memory.

Content β€” Look for interactions containing a specific phrase to understand how often it appears on your social media or in private messages.

Internal note β€” Explore previously created internal comments and recommendations from other team members.

Sent to consult β€” Don't you want to ask something a second time? Or you remembered a similar case when you got great advice? Find the information you need in the external content consultations.

Wait, I have a question

  1. How far back can I search?

    As far back as your history of tickets goes.

  2. If I specify a time frame while searching for a ticket based on its user, content, internal or send to consult note β€” will this affect my search?
    Yes, our filters are complementary. This means that both narrowing down the time frame, and having other filters enabled or disabled on the right ("show content for filters") β€” will all have an impact on the search results.

  3. There are a few tabs in the Inbox such as *New*, *My tasks*, *Hidden*, *Archived*, and more.

    If I search when on a specific tab, will the search show results for that tab only?
    Yep, you got that right! Like we said above, the filters are complementary. Any search you make will be relevant for whatever parameters you have set.


πŸ—¨οΈ Need a little cat-sistance? Our support team is always here to lend a paw. Chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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