With our Publisher, you can draft, schedule, and add a carousel post from your desktop directly to Instagram.

To create and publish or schedule a post, click the “Publish” icon in the menu on the left side of the dashboard.

The Publisher’s main view consists of three tabs: Calendar, Posts, and My Tasks. To create a post, head to the Calendar.

Hover over a date of your choice and click on the yellow “+” button to start crafting your first post. If you want to pick a date later, start with the "+" button in the top right corner of the screen instead.

schedule button

You will automatically be redirected to another window where you can start creating your carousel post(s). Using the post creator, you can craft posts for individual or multiple profiles.

Now is the time to plan your post. First, you need to choose your Instagram account and click add a picture.

Adjust the ratio of your picture (you can read more about ratios here). All you have to do to create carousel posts is add more pictures to the draft post. After that, you will see a preview on the right! Awesome, right?

On the right, you see a preview, where you are able to check how your carousel will look on Instagram.

Now it is time to add some text and/or hashtags to your post and you are ready to publish it!

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