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From Connection to Data: When the Data Flow Begins
From Connection to Data: When the Data Flow Begins

Get a clear picture of when you can expect to see data in your analytics and reports

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Hey there, social media superstar! 🌟

Curious about how soon your data will start flowing in for reports and analytics after connecting your profile to NapoleonCat?

📊 Data collection start

When you connect your social media pages to NapoleonCat, you'll unlock valuable insights into your social media performance! This is the moment when your data journey begins.

⏳ Quick tip: Once you've connected your or your competitor's social media page to NapoleonCat, allow a few hours for the analytics data to fill up. Good data, like good coffee, needs some time to brew!

Let's take a closer look at how it works for different platform:

  • 🔵 For your Facebook profiles, NapoleonCat rolls out the red carpet and automatically pulls in about 2 months of historical data

    ☝️ Just a heads up, only profiles you manage (not follow) offer data on the number of followers, Engagement Rate (ER), and Social Interaction Index (SII).

  • 🤳Next up, Instagram! You'll see approximately 2 months of historical data. The only hiccup? Historical follower data isn't available. But hey, no worries, you'll still get plenty of other data to play with!

🗨️ Need data further back

Need more than 2 Months of historical data for Facebook and Instagram?

We got you. You can request a download for an extra fee. Just give us a shout on chat or drop us a line at

We're always here to help!

Now, we can't promise that Facebook or Instagram will always return the data, but we'll give it our best shot. 🤞

🔍 More questions answered

Curious about The Behind-the-Scenes of NapoleonCat's data collection methods?

We thought you might be! For more technical questions about how NapoleonCat collects social media data < check out that article.

It's packed with all the juicy details you're looking for!

💬 Need a paw-some helping hand? Our Customer Success team is always here to assist you! Talk with us on chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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