Sometimes the messages that you receive may be ambiguous, problematic, or you simply may not know the answer. In such situations, it’s good to ask an expert for advice. NapoleonCat enables consultations using the external note feature. 

You can send external notes to anyone. The advisors don’t need to have a NapoleonCat account; an e-mail address is enough to use the feature. 

To send a message to consultation, head to your inbox and find the message that you’d like to discuss. 

Click on the message and you’ll open the history of that particular conversation. Find the “Send to consult” tab right below the message. 

Next, enter an e-mail. You may enter multiple recipients. Describe the problem and send it to consult.  

As soon as you click on the yellow “Send to consult” button, your request is on its way to the recipient(s). What you need to do now is just wait for the answer. Meanwhile, you may have a lot of other messages to be moderated. If you don’t want to forget about that particular message, just flag it. 

This is what the recipient of your request will see in their e-mail inbox:

The recipient can then click on reply and write their message in the body of the email. 

In your NapoleonCat Inbox, the message that you sent to consultation will be marked with a yellow “External note” label. The number of answers sent by an external recipient is visible on the right side. 

Click on the message to see the answer. 

Now you can publish the reply and rest easy!

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