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Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat
Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

Discover how to effectively handle incoming messages by using a chatbot and NapoleonCat in tandem

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🤖 As more businesses turn to chatbots to handle routine customer inquiries on Facebook, it's becoming increasingly important to strike a balance between automation and personalization.

Fortunately, with the help of NapoleonCat, you can seamlessly integrate a chatbot solution with a human-powered inbox for more complex queries. All that to provide a seamless customer experience that combines the efficiency of automation with the empathy of human interaction!

In this article, we'll show you how to integrate NapoleonCat with a Facebook Messenger chatbot and manage your customer conversations more effectively. 🐱

How to use both a Messenger chatbot and NapoleonCat?

Some popular chatbot solutions that NapoleonCat can integrate with include Chatfuel, Koda, Mobilemonkey, Manychat, and more.

In fact, you can integrate virtually any given Messenger chatbot with NapoleonCat. Here's how:

1. Enable Facebook Handover Protocol

💡The Handover Protocol is Facebook's way of letting more than one app participate in a chat. So your chatbot is usually the one in charge. But when your customers need to talk to a real human, NapoleonCat can take over as the secondary receiver. It's like having a backup plan for your customer service!

First, make sure that you've connected both NapoleonCat and your preferred Messenger chatbot solution to your Facebook page.

Once successfully done, you'll be able to see both NapoleonCat and your chatbot solution under *Connected Apps* in Advanced Messaging settings on Facebook:

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

Now is a good time to configure the Primary Receiver. In Advanced Messaging settings on Facebook, under *App settings*, hit *Configure* next to Messenger Receiver:

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

Select your chatbot solution - whichever one you're using - as the primary receiver:

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

Well-done! Now you can go on to follow the steps below. 👇

2. Set up conversation handover in your chatbot tool

💡The key to getting conversation handover working with NapoleonCat is to set up NapoleonCat as the secondary receiver or live chat app in your chatbot tool.

This process will allow NapoleonCat to take over handling messages when necessary. For example, your chatbot will take care of repetitive questions. And NapoleonCat will come into play when someone wants to speak with a real person.

The process varies depending on the chatbot tool you're using. So be sure to check out the specific instructions for your tool.

You can always contact your chatbot's support team for assistance if you're unsure how to go about it. 💁🏽‍♂️

For example, here's how to add conversation handover — and select NapoleonCat as the secondary receiver — in Chatfuel, Manychat , Mobilemonkey.

Let's take Manychat as an example. To set up conversation handover with NapoleonCat in Manychat, you'd need to follow these steps:

1. Go to *Settings* (on the left-hand side) -> *Channels* -> *Messenger*

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

2. Scroll down until you see *LiveChat app*, and pick *NapoleonCat* as your *LiveChat App*.

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

Great, almost there! Now, you just need to put some finishing touches in NapoleonCat for the integration to work. 👇🏽

3. Check *Workspace settings* in NapoleonCat

To make sure the integration between your chatbot and NapoleonCat is working, head over to Workspace settings in NapoleonCat and hover over the Facebook profile you're working with.

Look for the *Integration with a chatbot* icon. If it's green, you're all set:

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

If it's gray, you might need to reconnect your Facebook page. To do that, hit the *Edit* button next to your Facebook page in Workspace settings:

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

Then, click on *Reconnect* and *Enable integration*:

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

Sometimes the connection between your chatbot solution and NapoleonCat needs a little extra time to update. If the icon isn't turning green, just revisit the previous steps and make sure you've followed everything properly.

4. Go to Social Inbox in NapoleonCat

Once you've completed the integration process, head over to your NapoleonCat Inbox. The filter for Direct Messages should now say *Messenger messages* rather than *Private messages*.

Just look for the *Messenger messages* option on the right-hand side of your screen. If it's there, you're good to go! 😺

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

If your team members are still seeing *Private messages* instead of *Messenger messages*, just have them log out of NapoleonCat and then log back in.

5. How to manage bot-redirected conversations in NapoleonCat

Great job on integrating a messenger chatbot with your Social inbox!

📥 As we prepare to handle a conversation that's been guided by a bot, we make a quick API call to Facebook Messenger. The aim? To pull in as much of the chat history as possible.

This gives you a fuller picture of what's been going on with the bot. We can't guarantee that Facebook will provide the entire chat history, but you'll always find some context when it's handed over to a human in Social Inbox.

Now that it's set up, you can start responding to customers who want to chat with a human. When a customer reaches out, you'll receive a notification that looks like this:

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

You can reply to the message just like any other message in your inbox. After the conversation is over, be sure to hand it back to the chatbot. This ensures that if the same user contacts you in the future, the system will activate the chatbot instead of routing the message directly to a human agent. To do this, simply click on the robot button:

Integrate a Facebook Messenger Chabot with NapoleonCat

And there you have it - you're all done!

Our Support Team is always here to lend a helping paw!

🗨️ Just reach out to us on chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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