If you're reading this article, it's probably safe to assume that you've familiarized yourself with actually learning how to generate a report. If not, please check out the following article ( Generating Facebook & Instagram reports ).

Great, let's move on to the good stuff. 

Head on over to the "Reports" section of your sidebar. Once you've clicked on that, you should see a list of reports that have already been generated by you. On the far right corner you'll see a few icons, click on the pencil to start editing your report!

This is where things start to pick up. Once you open up your report, you'll be met with various ways in which you can edit it.

Should you need to upload your brand's logo onto the document, take a look on the bottom left-hand side, you'll find the option to do just that. On the opposite side, in the upper right-hand corner, you'll find a trashcan icon. You can delete any page that you find unnecessary to the report. 

how to upload a brand logo to a report

Cool huh? Not convinced? Fine, check this out.

If you feel like your report is missing additional information, we give you the ability to add additional information that you felt was left out. Separating every page is a yellow button that reads " add page ". By clicking this very special button, you guessed it, you'll create a new page within the report.

how to add a page to a report in napoleoncat

Depending on the content of your page, you'll be met with a new window where you'll be able to input your comment or add an image (graph, poll etc.).

adding comments to a report

Finally, near the end of your report, you'll be met with an option to save the comments you've added, or you can simply save and regenerate the report. Within a few minutes, your totally revamped report will be generated! 

how to edit a napoleoncat report

Now get out there and edit!

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