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How to connect an Apple App Store application to NapoleonCat?
How to connect an Apple App Store application to NapoleonCat?
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You can manage your Apple App Store within NapoleonCats inbox. To set up this integration, your App Store Connect administrator will need to generate an API key in App Store Connect and upload it to NapoleonCat. Don't worry! It's very easy. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

App Store Connect setup

To connect your App Store application to NapoleonCat, you need to create an API Key. Later, you will obtain your Issuer ID and Key ID. This information is essential for completing the configuration.

How to create and download an API Key

  1. Go to the Users and Access section.

  2. Access the Keys tab.

  3. Click the plus icon to add a new key.

  4. Provide a name for the key. It is recommended to choose a descriptive name, such as "NapoleonCat Integration."

  5. Open the dropdown menu under Access and select Admin. Admin permission is necessary to enable replying to reviews in NapoleonCat.

  6. Click Generate. A new API key will appear in the Active table.

  7. Click Download API Key.

How to get Issuer ID and Key ID

  1. The Issuer ID appears near the top of the page. To copy the issuer ID, click copy next to the ID.

  2. Now select User and Access.

  3. The key IDs appear in a column under the Active heading. Hover the cursor next to a key ID to display the Copy Key ID link.

  4. Click Copy Key ID.

How to connect your Apple App Store application to NapoleonCat

  1. Open project settings and press the "Connect profile" button.

  2. From the list of available platforms, select "Apple App Store".

  3. Now, it's time to use the details you obtained from App Store Connect. Enter the Issuer ID and Key ID into the designated inputs, and upload the API key file you downloaded in the previous steps. After these, just click the "Upload file" button.

  4. Now, simply select the applications you want to connect to NapoleonCat, and click the "Connect App(s)" button.

And that's all! Now you can moderate your application reviews.

Good luck!

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