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✨ Generate and Enhance Social Media Posts with NapoleonCat's AI Assistant
✨ Generate and Enhance Social Media Posts with NapoleonCat's AI Assistant

Understand the process of using AI-powered features for post creation and enhancement with a detailed guide on crafting effective prompts.

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Now you can use the latest AI achievements to generate and enhance your posts in NapoleonCat; amazing, isn't it? Are you excited? I am! Let's look at how to use it!

From this article, you will learn:

How does it work, and what AI assistant can do for you

Our AI Assistant in Publisher is quite powerful. It can generate a new post or enhance an existing one. If you are not located in the European Union you don't have to do anything! The AI assistant is ready to work!

If you are in the European Union and want to use our AI assistant, you must activate it. Due to the regulations your consent to data processing terms and conditions is needed.
How to do it? Very simple! Just go to the billing section of your account or follow this direct link and tick this checkbox.

How does it work? Your account has a starter pack of AI coins; each usage of the AI Assistant (generating or enhancing post)) consumes one coin. Don't worry; you will receive a new bundle of coins every month.

Wonder what AI Assistant can do for you?

  • It can create a new post.

  • The AI assistant will enhance your existing post

  • It can generate hashtags for the post

  • You might choose which tone of voice it will use

  • The AI assistant can enhance your copy with emojis

What AI Assistant cannot do for you?

  • It can't generate images (yet)

  • It can't make a cup of coffee (probably never will 😞)

Please remember that you’ve included free AI coins in your plan.

  • If you are on the Standard plan, you have 20 AI coins each month for free

  • If you are on the Pro Plan, you have 40 AI coins each month for free

Do you need more? No problem! You can increase your monthly limit to 1000 AI coins at any time!

How to generate new posts via our AI assistant

You can use our AI Assistant to create new posts! How to do it? Just follow these simple steps:

1. Click our AI Assistant button and choose the option "Generate post"

2. Now, you will see our AI Assistant page.

Section number



In this section, you will find out the preset list of templates. We prepared instructions for our AI Assistant for the most common requests. You only need to click it, and instructions will appear in section 2 - Instructions for our AI Assistant. Instructions depend on the kind of post you choose before jumping into AI Assistant.


In this section, you can write your prompt (an instruction for our AI) or use one of our presets. If you used our instructions, remember that you should replace brackets and content inside them e.g., if you want to write a post about a Sphynx cat, just replace {topic} with a Sphynx cat. You can add additional instructions.


This section contains general settings. You can choose how long the copy should be, whether it should contain hashtags and tone of voice, and you can even add emojis!

3. And you are almost there! Now, just hit the button Generate post, and let the magic happen!

And that's it! All you need to do is just click "Use this content" button, and the copy will show up in your publisher.

How to enhance your existing posts via NapoleonCats AI Assistant

Thanks to NapoleonCats AI Assistant, you can enhance your existing post! It is very simple. To do so:

1. Click our AI Assistant button and choose the option "Enhance post".

2. Now, you will see our AI Assistant page.

3. How to use it? It is very simple! Add your post to the input area, and choose the tone of voice and how long it should be. Our AI Assistant can also generate hashtags or emojis for you! Click Enhance to polish your copy.

4. Click "Use this content," and that's all! Your enhanced post is in your publisher!

Do you have any questions? Just drop us a message - our chat widget is in the bottom right corner!

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