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Social Media Dictionary

Master social media jargon: a comprehensive dictionary by NapoleonCat

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Written by Napoleon The Cat
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Picture this: You're immersed in your feed, admiring a captivating Thread of content when suddenly, an AMA invitation catches your eye.

FOMO begins to prick your curiosity. The next thing you know, you're DM-ing the influencer for an insight into their artistic Personal brand world.

Not sure what all those buzzwords really mean? Yes, they sure can be confusing.

Fear not, NapoleonCat is here to rescue you! The NapoleonCat Social Media Dictionary is your passport to deciphering 'Algospeak' and mastering 'Crowdsourcing.'

Ready to level up?

Get carefully curated definitions for close to 100 social media-related terms! 👇

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