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How NapoleonCat Keeps Your Data Secure
How NapoleonCat Keeps Your Data Secure

Learn about the safety steps we take to protect your data and privacy

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🔒Here at NapoleonCat, we're all about keeping your experience safe and secure. In this article, we'll fill you in on the steps we take to make sure your account and data stay protected while using our platform. Let's jump right in!

Security measures in NapoleonCat

🛡️NapoleonCat has a host of security measures in place to keep user data safe and sound, and to make sure our platform is rock-solid. Let's go over them one by one.

1. Secure Login and SSL Encryption

Your credentials are in good hands with NapoleonCat. We use Secure Login and SSL encryption to keep your credentials secure. This encryption method uses public-key cryptography, so your login info stays safe. We don't store passwords or ask you for them.

2. Interacting with Social Networks via API Calls

Our platform interacts securely with social networks through API calls, using the programming language provided by the platforms themselves. This method ensures a secure connection without direct access to your account.

3. Hosting on Google Cloud

NapoleonCat is hosted on the reliable Google Cloud, with servers located in the European Union. This offers benefits like solid security, consistent performance, and compatibility with data protection regulations.

4. GDPR-compliance

NapoleonCat is fully GDPR-compliant, which means we respect your privacy and stick to data protection standards. You can feel confident knowing that we're dedicated to keeping your data secure and private.

5. Two-Factor Authentication and Data Encryption

For those on custom plans, we offer two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection for your accounts and client data. As stated in point one, we also use SSL encryption to keep data secure as it travels between your device and our servers.

6. Data Storage and Access Control

We store your data on secure servers, guarded by firewalls and other safety measures to keep it out of the wrong hands. We also limit the number of employees who can access user data, so you can be sure your info stays confidential.

7. Regular Security Audits and Third-Party Providers

We make it a habit to regularly carry out security audits and vulnerability tests. This way, we can spot and tackle any potential weak points. We're extra careful when selecting third-party service providers, making sure they live up to our high standards for data protection and security.

8. Data Retention and Breach Notification

We keep your data just as long as we need it to do its job, and when it's not needed anymore, we securely get rid of it. If something unexpected like a data breach were to happen, you can count on us to let affected users and the right authorities know right away.

Your security and privacy mean the world to us. We've got your back with all sorts of measures to protect your data. Sit back, relax, and enjoy worry-free social media management!

🗨️ Want to chat with us about security (or anything else)? We got you! Hit the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

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