Let’s face it, we all like to create our own custom stats, and benchmarks or prioritise some stats over others. NapoleonCat allows you to export all of your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube stats to .xslx format. The data is sorted in ready-to-use columns and tabs for every type of stat. No need to convert it from obscure formats or to sort your data further. Pretty cool, huh?

Exporting Your Data from NapoleonCat

In order to export your data, head over to the Reports module by clicking on the icon on the left-hand side menu. Then, from the Data Exports menu, choose Create New Export:

how to create a new export in napoleoncat

You can now start creating a new dataset. Start by choosing the time range that you're interested in. Keep in mind that NapoleonCat provides stats (likes, mentions, etc) per day, so it's totally fine to choose a slightly longer time range and then tweak it later. You can choose between a few preset options, like the last 7 days or last month, or choose your own custom time range.

time range data export

Next, choose the profiles that you'd like to add to your data export. Due to differences in the data structure, data exports can be made for one platform at a time. For example, you can add unlimited Facebook profiles to one data export, but you'd have to create a second one for Instagram profiles. To add a profile, click on the plus button on the right side. If you'd like to remove a profile that you've already added, click on the delete button and the profile will move back up.

profiles data export

Next, choose what kind of data you'd like to include in your spreadsheet. By default, all of the data is included, so you can remove certain stats by unclicking the associated box.

reporting profiles napoleoncat

When you're done setting up your export, click on the yellow "generate" button on the bottom of the page. And voila, you're done! You will automatically be taken to the Exports Archive, where you will see a list of all your exports. The newest one will always appear at the top of the list. Once the status bar shows "completed", you can download your spreadsheet using the download icon on the right.

exports archive

You will also receive an email from us with the subject line: "Report is ready" containing a download link. 

email notification data export

Happy exporting!

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