Regular reporting on your social media marketing efforts and your competitors' performance are key check-ins that keep you and the business on track. They also take a lot of time. NapoleonCat automation will save you hours of precious time every month so that you can concentrate on crucial strategic tasks. This article explains how to:

  • generate a single Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram profile report;

  • generate comparative Facebook reports for up to 8 pages;

  • easily generate a similar report based on previously created one;

  • schedule reports to be generated automatically.

Download a sample Facebook PDF report.

To generate a report go to the "Reports" module. Then click the "Create new report" button.

how to create a report

In the next step pick the desired analysis period. You can choose between default options (last 7 days, last month, etc.) and a custom date range. You can also choose the language of your report.

report time range

From now on, it's also possible to upload your own logo and remove NapoleonCat branding from your report. 

branding in napoleoncat reports

Now, choose the profile (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) for which you would like to generate the report.

Next, choose the profiles you would like to include in the report. You can select either a single profile or multiple profiles (up to 8) for a comparative report. To add a profile to the report click the "+ Add" button next to its name. Please note that multiple profile reports work only for Facebook profiles.

competitors report

Almost done! 

All that's left to do now is review the metrics you want to include in the report - by default, all metrics are selected. Now hit the "Generate" button.

fan growth interactions top posts report

You'll see your report generation progress in the "Reports archive" section. Once it's ready (it usually takes about a minute), you'll receive an email with a link to download the report. You can also download it from the "Reports archive" section. Now you can browse through your report and send it in a neat file. 

But wait! There’s more. 

If you would like to generate a report similar to one of the previously generated documents, just use the "crescent arrow" icon. This will make your repetitive reporting tasks much easier.

editing report

You can also schedule the reports so you don't have to prepare them manually every week or month. To schedule a report, please hit the "Schedule report" button in the "Reports beta" menu.

scheduling reports

Now go have a nice coffee break! 

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