"NapoleonCat has lost access to your Facebook Page" - this is a message you may receive one day. Don't worry, this is perfectly fine. 

This may occur when you or someone else with access, changes your Facebook / Instagram password. The other reason why your profiles might get disconnected is when Facebook decides that it's time for you as a page administrator to review the list of apps accessing your pages. This process is standard procedure ensuring security of your data and your fans/followers privacy.

When you receive such a message via email or notice in NapoleonCat, you should:

  1. go to "Project settings", and
  2. click the "Reconnect" button next to the profile that has been disconnected.

Remember: you can only connect your pages to NapoleonCat if you have administrative access. If you don't, just consult your account administrator.

Still having trouble reconnecting your pages or profiles to NapoleonCat? The quickest way to get help is to get in touch with our support team via in-app chat.

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