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Upgrade, Get More Profiles and Users, or Switch to Annual
Upgrade, Get More Profiles and Users, or Switch to Annual

Learn how to upgrade to a higher subscription tier and increase the number of users and social media profiles

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πŸŽ‰ Kudos to you for considering an upgrade to your NapoleonCat account! As your business grows and your needs evolve, it's only natural to want to connect more social media profiles and add more users.

Upgrading your account is a smart move that allows you to "pay as you grow" and adjust your plan according to your changing needs.

How to upgrade

  1. To kick off the upgrade process, head over to Billing Settings

  2. If you're currently on the Standard Plan and you want to upgrade, you can upgrade to the Pro Plan. Select the Pro Plan at the top of the Billing Settings:

    Upgrade, Add More Profiles and Users, or Switch to Annual in NapoleonCat


  3. You can also use the sliders to increase the number of social media profiles and user seats you'd like to include in your upgraded plan. Simply move the slider to your desired number of user seats or profiles:

    Upgrade, Add More Profiles and Users, or Switch to Annual

    βž• If these limits of users and profiles don't quite cut it, no worries!

    We can work out a custom (enterprise) plan for you. Just get in touch with our Customer Success or Sales team on chat in the bottom right-hand corner.

  4. Decide whether you prefer a monthly or annual billing cycle for your upgraded account:

    Upgrade, Add More Profiles and Users, or Switch to Annual


  5. Review your price and hit the yellow *Pay* button.

πŸ’²If you're upgrading partway through your subscription, it's all good! You'll only be charged a pro-rated amount for the remaining time in your current billing period. Your new plan's price will take effect when the next billing period rolls around.

And if you ever find that your new plan isn't the perfect fit, you can always revert to your previous plan.

Switch from monthly to annual

If you're thinking about switching from monthly to annual, there's a neat discount waiting for you. It's like getting two months for free each year – when billed annually!

If that sounds appealing, here's what you need to do to swap over:

  1. Find the Annual tile and give it a click:

    Change to annual with NapoleonCat

  2. Check the price and press the *Pay* button when you're ready.

πŸ’Έ The billing date will shift to the day you upgrade, and we'll only ask for a prorated amount, taking into account the time left on your monthly plan. All balanced out, and we'll catch you next year for the annual charge!

Purchase add-ons

NapoleonCat's add-ons are an excellent option if you're looking to upgrade specific features.

By choosing add-ons for the Search Functionality in the Social Inbox, the number of Auto-Moderated Tickets in the Auto-Moderation tool, or the number of Social CRM profiles β€” you can save money and pay only for the features you actually use.

This way, you can customize your NapoleonCat experience to better suit your unique needs.

πŸ”—To learn more about add-ons in NapoleonCat, check out this separate article on NapoleonCat add-ons.

Wait, but why upgrade?

Still unsure if upgrading is the right move? Here's some info to help make up your mind.

πŸ’‘An upgraded NapoleonCat account offers a bunch of perks tailored to your growing business. As you connect more social media profiles or collaborate with more team members, an upgraded plan can drive higher engagement for your profiles!

Also, adding more users to your account means better collaboration and easier task delegation.

Plus, you'll unlock cool features like the Auto-moderation tool. It allows you to create rules with predefined triggers, conditions, and actions to automate repetitive tasks like replying to comments, fan posts, mentions, and direct messages. All that to save you time and effort!

πŸ”—To compare plans and explore the features you'll access upon upgrading, see NapoleonCat's pricing page.

Happy upgrading! πŸš€

πŸ’¬ Need a little purr-suasion when picking a plan that best suits your needs? Just click on chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. We'll be happy to help!

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