Video content is taking over the social media landscape by storm. Stay on top of your game with a deep look into how your videos perform. 

To access these metrics log into your NapoleonCat, head over to the Analytics module and find the Video tab for your Facebook profile. 

Once you’re there, set your time frame and below you will see a summary table and different charts presenting your video content’s performance. 

What’s important - the charts present views in 3 different time markers: 3s, 10s and 30s divided into organic and paid reach. This can help you see how much attention your videos caught and give you an idea of how long your videos retained your audience. 

 the charts

Also to get another angle on your videos, there’s a chart showing how many of all impressions were triggered by the autoplay or clicked to play features.

Charts are one thing, but if you don’t need the graphic version of your data there’s also a table underneath every chart (simply click on the “show table” button). 

“show table” button

As with other analytical data, NapoleonCat allows you to export your video stats - both charts and tables. Simply find the download button in the top right-hand corner of each chart/table. 

Now it’s time to take your video content game to a whole new level!

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