Have you ever wished you could compare the impact of multiple brands on social media with one easy-to-use metric? Meet Social Footprint. It's a sum of all fan, subscriber, and follower interactions on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Interactions include likes, dislikes, shares, replies, and retweets of your content, or posts and comments added to your social media pages. Basically - any reaction to your content or brand on social media. Social Footprint makes it easier to measure and compare entire brands and see how much of a buzz they're making across the board. You'll also be able to see follower and engagement totals for all of your chosen social media channels.

If you're curious about how your brand compares to the competition, no problem. You can add any brand to the Social Footprint module and get a score for it too. We'll show all of the scores in one table, making it super easy to compare any brands you'd like.

Setting up Groups

To get started, click on the Social Footprint tab in the upper left corner of the Analytics menu.

setting up groups

There, you will be prompted to create your first Group. The Group should include all of the profiles that you'd like to add to a brand's Social Footprint. 

how to add a new group

First, click on the profiles that you'd like to include in the Group in the Select Profiles section. To unchoose a profile, simply click on it again. Then, add a name for your Group, and click on Create Group

Social Footprint

This will lead you to the Group Social Footprint breakdown. This is where you can see some more detailed stats for the performance of that Group on social media. To go to the main Social Footprint screen, click on Back.

Comparing Social Footprints

In order to see how different brands are doing on social media, you have to add multiple Groups. In order to do that, go to the main Social Footprint screen and click on ADD. 

Comparing Social Footprints

From there, you can add another Group. Once you're done adding as many Groups as you'd like, the top of your Social Footprint screen will look like this:

Social Footprints groups

Here, you can compare the Social Footprints of the groups you've added. To adjust the timeframe, go to the settings in the top right corner of the screen. You can
choose between several default settings like day, week, or month, or choose a custom timeframe - just enter the range and click on Set.

adjusting timeframe social footprint

If you're interested in additional analytics, scroll down to see the daily Social Footprint comparison:

daily social footrprint

Or the channel comparison:

channel comparison

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