If you wish to use NapoleonCat, you need to make the first payment before your free 14-day trial ends. It is a subscription based service, which means you pay upfront monthly or yearly. If you choose yearly payments, you will save 15% compared to monthly payments. Please refer to our pricing for different plans details and prices.

Payments are automated, which means that we will charge your card (we accept VISA and MasterCard) the last day of your current subscription period for the coming period - month or year, depending on which option you chose.*

To access the payment form, click the "Upgrade now" link on the yellow bar at the top of the screen or "Account" menu item in the upper right-hand corner. 

First, you will need to fill in your company details. We need them to issue you an invoice every time you make a payment. You will also be asked to provide a valid tax ID. Please note that in compliance with European Union tax regulations, customers from EU countries, Monaco and Man Island who fail to provide a valid tax identification number, as well as all customers from Poland, are subject to 23% VAT tax, which will be added to the subscription price.

Once you updated your company details, go to "Billing" tab to choose your plan, billing period and credit card details.

When the first payment is made, you will see the billing history as well as credit card change and removal options. This is also where you will see your next billing date and the amount your credit card will be charged with.

At the end of your current subscription period we will charge your card for the next billing period. If we fail to charge the card, your account will be suspended. If such an unlikely situation occurs, contact our support at hello@napoleoncat.com and we will help you extend your account.

* For subscription periods of at least 6 months we also accept payments by bank transfer or PayPal. Contact our support via in-app chat or email (hello@napoleoncat.com), if you wish to use this form of payment.

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