NapoleonCat gives you an opportunity to link multiple social media profiles, both managed and monitored. To keep things organized and have a clear view of who’s doing what, you can create different Workspaces within the app. But how can this help me exactly, one might ask. Here’s what you can do:

  • separate managed social media profiles;

  • separate users and grant access only to specific workspaces;

  • define separate content creation and approval workflows;

  • create workspace-specific automatic moderation rules;

  • create individual sets of content and user tags.

  • create sets of managed and monitored profiles for competitive benchmarking

Setting up Projects - Design your workflow

When you set up your NapoleonCat account, your first workspace will be created automatically. If you want to add a new one, open the workspaces list on the top bar, next to NapoleonCat's logo, click "+ NEW WORKSPACE" and then enter the desired name.

how to add a new project to napoleoncat

You will be taken to the newly created workspace's settings.

This is where you can set up and later modify the following workspace settings:

  • Profiles - add your managed profiles, monitored profiles (i.e. competitors, benchmarks or influencers) and Instagram hashtags you want to monitor in Analytics;

  • Members - manage NapoleonCat's users access to this particular workspace (to add a new user to the workspace, he/she must be invited to your NapoleonCat's account - this can be done from the Account menu);

  • Alerts - set up email and SMS alerts for profiles in this workspace;

  • UTM Tags - set up default Google Analytics UTM Tags to be used with links you post using NapoleonCat's Publish module;

  • Labels - set up sets of labels (tags) for your own content (in Publish module), as well as incoming messages and their authors (in Inbox module);

Enjoy the bird's-eye view of your social media empire!

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