You can invite multiple users to your NapoleonCat account to work together on your social media marketing initiatives. Those can be your colleagues, clients or freelancers you currently work with on a specific workspace. And because you can set up separate workspaces within NapoleonCat, it's easy to control their access to specific content, even when you are working with multiple clients.

To invite a new user, go to the "Team" menu in the upper right-hand side menu.

inviting new users to napoleoncat

You'll see a list of already invited users, divided by teams you can configure. Teams are only container names that help you identify users and do not affect their settings or access levels. To invite a new user, click the "Invite" yellow button.

There are three standard types of users:

  • Administrator - has full access to all workspaces and modules, can create new workspaces and invite new users;

  • User - you can flexibly grant access to specific workspaces and decide if he/she can create new workspaces, decide what type of access should the user have for specific modules such as Publisher, Inbox, Analytics and Engage (no access/view only/ edit);

  • Client - can only approve or reject content drafts created in Publisher, has access limited to specified workspaces.

You can invite multiple users by entering their email addresses separated by commas. Define their permissions by setting up the user type and selecting which existing workspaces they should have access to. You can also add your own message to an invitation email.

To use the invitation, the addressee will have to click on the link included in the email and set up their own password.

If your brand is growing, and you need a few more user spots, fear not, you can always add additional slots using the "Plan" tab of your Account Settings. Click on Upgrade Plan and adjust accordingly.

how to add more users in napoleoncat

Now you're ready to rock the social media world together! 👭

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