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How to use Auto-moderation on Facebook ads and Instagram ads
How to use Auto-moderation on Facebook ads and Instagram ads
Auto-moderate your ads with NapoleonCat
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Both Facebook and Instagram help businesses get more visibility for their content and boost traffic. Social media advertisers are able to focus ads towards their own target groups. It’s fast, effective and affordable.

Whatever you decide to do on your Facebook or Instagram, NapoleonCat will help you automate it. As you went through all the steps on how to auto-moderate (see here), have a look at how to use Auto-moderation on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Let’s skip to the part that we are interested in.


When creating your rule for Facebook, choose “Ads comments’’ for the message type, then choose the Condition, according to your needs.

The next step is Trigger. Here you can, among others define keywords. If you want the rule to apply to all comments, regardless of their content, you can skip this step.

Now define what the rule should do for you in Inbox and under the ad. You can automatically reply as a comment, in a private message, hide or delete content.

Finally, you can define the action of the rule in NapoleonCat, set notifications and a schedule. Also, don't forget to save your rule. :-)


In the case of Instagram Ads, the steps are similar. Below you can watch a short video instruction on how to automatically hide offensive content under Instagram ads:

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