Once you are mostly done with creating your Auto-moderation rule, it’s time to define your Inbox action. Let’s assume there is a critical keyword that you wish your service members would immediately react to. In our case, it’s going to be a keyword pric* (which will trigger price/pricing, etc.,).

Now select the moderator to whom the tickets with the selected keyword should be assigned. As soon as Auto-moderation detects relevant content, such tickets will be assigned to the dedicated user.

When setting notifications, you can enter the e-mail address of a dedicated person, thanks to which they will be automatically notified and all urgent matters will be dealt with immediately :-)

If you want the ticket not to be assigned to a specific person, but highlighted from the others, you can also automatically flag it instead. Then all moderators will see it in their "Flagged" tab.

When you are done with setting up the rule just click on "SAVE&RUN" and.. you're done :-)

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