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Advanced Auto-Moderation Rules
How to set your automatic rule to work during specific days or hours
How to set your automatic rule to work during specific days or hours
Auto-moderation can support you when you are not available.
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As you well know, Auto-moderation helps you on a daily basis. It works not only in real time, but also when you are unavailable. You're probably wondering ''How is this possible!".

When you create a rule (instructions on how to create a rule can be found here), you can set its schedule. Are you planning to be absent? The schedule will apply only on certain days/times of the week, depending on your needs.

To set it, go to the Schedule and set the Rule schedule. The gray color means that the rule is active during the specified time frame.

Note that this applies only to future messages, those before the rule setting will not be automatically moderated.

Another useful option is to set the rule to work only during a specific date. Suppose you are running a contest in the comments under a specific post and you only want to auto-moderate while it lasts.

If you select no end date, the rule will run from the date you entered, indefinitely. Unless you choose to turn it off.

Save the rule and enjoy your free time :-)

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