How to create an Auto-moderation rule
Define what triggers automatic replies and other actions in your inbox
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Receiving nearly 76 thousand comments and direct messages within 24 hours on a single Facebook page? We know it’s possible because it happened to one of our customers.

It would take 9 people working non-stop for 24 hours (without taking a single break) to manage it successfully.

Ready to give Auto-moderation a try (and save hours replying to repetitive questions or moderating spam?) Here’s how to do it.

Auto-moderation in NapoleonCat lets you automate responses to comments and messages on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, along with some other actions. It can automatically:

  • delete

  • hide

  • archive

  • flag

  • assign tickets to a moderator

  • mark sentiment

  • tag a user

To do any of these, you first need to create an Auto-moderation rule that will take care of it for you.

To create your first rule, go to the "Auto-moderation" module, menu on the left.

On the left, you will see ready-made templates that we have already prepared for you. You can use one of them or create your first rule from scratch. To set it up, click the yellow "+Create New Rule" button.

First, give your rule a name to easily locate and access it on the list. The name is only for your reference. You can also add an internal note below.

Then, select the platform the rule will apply to. Remember that the profiles need to be connected to NapoleonCat first (here’s how to do that).

You will see all the pages you manage and are connected to your account in the Workspace you're currently in. Select one or more profiles if you want to set the same rule in several places.

Ready? Good!

Now it's time to define the type of message the rule will apply to.

Choose the type of message (message types may vary depending on the platform you choose).

Here you can further narrow down the effect of the rule and define that for example, only organic comments with links are to be moderated.

If you want the rule to work on specific keywords or tags you define, you can set this up by selecting Triggers.

With tags, you can tag your inbox followers as customers, prospects, top fans, trolls, etc. - and then apply your rule only to those groups. Keep in mind that this is just an option - you don't have to do this for Auto-moderation to work. It will undoubtedly be helpful in the future once you have tagged your fan. Suppose there is a troll who leaves negative comments all the time - you can tag such a person (troll) and then define ''Inbox action'' - hide or delete - comments will not be visible.

Note: The rule is NOT applied automatically - it will work only on previously marked users.

If you want to target and auto-moderate messages containing specific words and phrases, this is where you can specify your keywords. If you have a list of words you want to include, separate them with commas or press “Enter” to add the next word.

To apply the rule to words containing a specified letter sequence, add an asterisk ( *) before or after it (or both). Here’s an example:

If you type *lie*, the rule will be triggered for words containing “lie” – e.g. believe.

Typing pric* will trigger the rule for words like: price, pricing, prices, etc.

And typing *size will include resize, upsize, downsize, etc.

Now it's time to specify the action of the rule directly on the selected platform - you can choose: reply in a comment, reply in a private message, hide and delete.

Then you can (but you don't have to ;-)) specify the action of the rule in NapoleonCat - Auto-moderation can do for you... almost all the work :-) Archive, flag, hide, tag, assign moderators and mark sentiment.

Are you curious how much work Auto-moderation will save you? Set up email notifications to get a message every time a rule is applied.

You can apply the rule immediately or schedule it to run in a specific time frame - for example, if you plan to take a short break from work. A scheduled rule will run only on specific days and times of the week (or dates) - all according to your needs.

To set a schedule, select dates and times in the calendar:

Note that the rule will only apply to new messages, which means that messages you already have in your Inbox will not be subject to automatic moderation.

Now it's time to save the rule - and enjoy your free time or wait for the rule to act on the first tickets.

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