Once you’ve defined what triggers auto-moderation in the inbox, time to set the actions NapoleonCat will perform for you in response.

Using auto-moderation, you can:

  • Delete comments or messages from your Facebook page (this will also move them from ‘New’ to ‘Deleted’ in your inbox)

  • Archive comments or messages (automatically move from ‘New’ to ‘Archive’ in the inbox)

  • Hide comments only, hide messages on your Facebook page, and move from ‘New’ to ‘Hidden’

  • Flag incoming communication in your inbox. The comments and messages will only be flagged within the inbox – not on Facebook.

The available options will vary depending on the individual platform.

Note, we do not offer auto-moderation for IG Direct Messages.

Use these options if you want to:

Apart from all the actions listed above, you can also use auto-moderation to automatically reply to comments and messages. Go here to see how:


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