With the Social Inbox, you can set up your auto-moderation rules to automatically reply to certain comments and messages.

To do that, use the “Publish reply” option when setting up your auto-moderation rule. Your reply can be:

  • A comment in response to a fan comment under your page post,

  • A comment in response to a fan post

  • A private reply to a private message sent via Messenger.

To do this, select the right option when defining your inbox action:

action in your inbox

Then type the response you want to be posted. If you want to be as personal as possible with your automatic replies (which we always recommend), you can set up to 20 random replies. The system will rotate them, so that people don’t get the same reply all over again.

Here’s how to do that:


If you want to take the conversation off the public page and go private (e.g. asking for order details), you can choose to automatically respond to comments in a private message.

And if you want the original comment author to be tagged and notified in a reply, use the [@author] tag in the reply content. NapoleonCat will automatically replace it with the name of the person you are replying to – and they will instantly know you replied

notification to be sent

You can also place links in your automated reply. But note that Facebook tends to consider automated replies with links as spam, so avoid that whenever you can.

Still struggling with setting up your automatic replies and actions? Let us know in the chat, and we’ll help!

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