Did you know that it’s not possible to schedule a post using Google My Business directly? Luckily, here comes NapoleonCat. ;-) With our Publisher, you can plan your posts ahead in the calendar and publish them whenever you want to. Keep on reading to see how easy it is to schedule and publish a post.

Go to the Calendar and click on the “+” icon to create a new post.

publication calendar in napoleoncat

You are now in your post creator - select a Google My Business location you wish to post to.

how to create a post to google my business

Let’s start with creating the content of your post - you can enter text, add emojis and an image. For images, you can adjust the ratio.

creating a google my business post in napoleoncat publisher

On the right-hand side, there is a preview of the post you are creating.

You can choose between three types of posts: What’s new, Event and Offer. For each, there are different options with different features to fill in. They work the same in NapoleonCat as they do on Google My Business.

With What’s new you can inform your clients about a new product, for example. You can add a CTA button and a link.

cta buttons in google my business posts

With Event you can inform your clients about any kinds of events, like discounts. You can set the time period or create an all-day-long event. You can also add a CTA button followed by a link.

creating an event in google my business post

With Offer you can add a voucher code, a link to redeem the offer, terms and conditions.

how to create offer in google my business in napoleoncat

Once you are done creating your post you can choose to schedule it or publish it right away. If you want to schedule it for later, click the date, choose the day on the calendar, and set the time. If you’re not ready, you can always just save it as a draft and come back to editing in the future.

scheduling posts to google by business in napoleoncat

As for the internal organization of your work, you can assign other team members to specific posts, so that they can also work on them.

teamwork in napolencat publisher

There is also an option to add subscribers who will be notified of any changes made to the post.

notifications in napoleoncat publisher

Another nice option helping you organize your content is adding internal titles and color-coded tags that will be visible in the general Calendar view.

adding internal titles and labels in napoleoncat publisher

You can also have internal discussions with other team members below the post preview. Sharing and receiving feedback has never been easier :-)

internal discussions and teamwork in napoleoncat publisher

Take a look at the short video below that explains the whole process of publishing to Google My Business using the NapoleonCat Publisher:

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