With Instagram Scheduler, you can craft photo and video content from A to Z and plan publications ahead. Schedule automatic publications and post when your audience is active on Instagram, not you. Here’s how to use the tool. 

After you add managed profiles to your project, you can head straight to Instagram Scheduler. You’ll find the module in the left-hand side menu. 

NapoleonCat scheduler button

The module consists of three tabs: Calendar, Posts, and My Tasks. To create a post, head to the Calendar

calendar button how to get to NapoleonCat scheduler

Hover over a date of your choice within the calendar and click on the yellow “+” button to start crafting your first post. If you want to pick a date at a later stage, use the "+" button in the top right corner of the screen instead.

plus button to pick a day

You will automatically be redirected to another window where you can start creating your post. 

creating your post with NapoleonCat

First, select the profile you want to post to from the list. Then, head to the next step - writing the caption

caption button to start writing

Within the caption, you can:

  • Add emojis - hoover over the smiley face icon and choose from the available options.

emoji button
  • Tag other users - use the @ symbol and type out the handle. Be careful not to misspell it! 

  • Add hashtags manually

Remember, that you can use up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post.

In the next step, upload an image or video. Remember! The image size can not exceed 10 MB, and the video file can’t exceed 100MB. Additionally, videos can last a maximum of 60s and cannot be larger than 1920x1080.

Once you have the image uploaded, you can adjust the photo size and frame ratio using three available templates: Square, Portrait, Landscape

photo button

Click on the yellow Save photo button to save the changes once you’re done with adjusting the image. 

In the next step, you can add a location tag. Just start typing down the location name and suggestions will automatically pop up on the list.

location button

Finally, you can add the post’s first comment. This is where you might want to place your hashtags, to avoid over-cluttering the post’s caption.

first comment button

At this stage, you’re done with creating your post. On the right-hand side, you can see a preview of how the post will look on Instagram. 

post preview

This is when you can move on to organizing your internal publication workflow. 

In the next step, you can change the publication date and time or leave it scheduled for the date you selected in the beginning. Then, click the Schedule button below to save changes.

publication date and time

If you wish to simply publish your post instead of scheduling it for a later time, use the yellow button to the left to switch to publishing mode. The Schedule button will be replaced with a Publish button. Click it, and your post will immediately be published to the selected Instagram profile.

publish button

You can add an Internal title that will only be visible to your team members within the Calendar

 Internal title button

If you wish, you can add Subscribers to the post - these are your team members with access to your NapoleonCat account who will be notified once the status of the post changes. 

Next, you can select Assignees. These are the team members who will be responsible for the particular post. You can select either one or multiple assignees. If you don’t assign the post to anyone, it will be automatically assigned to you.

Assignees button1
Subscribers button

You can also select Internal content labels. You can create the labels in your Project settings and use them to tag and organize content within your calendar. The labels are internal and will not be displayed anywhere else outside your NapoleonCat account. 

Internal content label

Finally, you can save your draft if you’re still not ready to schedule or publish your post. Once you click the Save draft button, you will also be able to create duplicates of the post and adjust the copy for other uses. 

Once you’re done with all the adjustments, schedule publication for the selected date by clicking the Schedule button.

schedule button

Switch to the Posts tab to see a list of all your posts. In the My tasks tab, you can look up all the posts that have been assigned to you. For better navigation, both sections are divided into Upcoming, Past, and Unscheduled posts.

My tasks

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