If you’re using Google Analytics and would like to track traffic that is coming to your website from specific platforms, posts, or campaigns to your page, you’ll really like the UTM code feature.

The UTM code or tag is basically an information embedded in a specific link that contains information about the source, medium, content, or campaign you’re running. You can include specific data that will be attached to your website’s link giving Google Analytics a chance to monitor in detail how in fact your campaign performed when it came to driving traffic outside of the platform you’re posting on.

NapoleonCat offers a dedicated feature to generate them. If you would go to your Workspace Settings module, you will find on your left-hand side a menu, and in that menu you’ll see the UTM Tags tab.

UTM tags

There you’ll have a chance to set up multiple UTM tags and choose default tags. Once you got all your tags created let's move on to the Publisher Module.

In the Publisher Module proceed as you normally would when scheduling a publication. If you’re not quite sure how to do that please see our Publisher Module knowledge center.

Once you select the profile you want to publish on, click on the icon to add your link, add your link and press the button to add your UTM tags:

UTM tags bar

New bars will appear on the screen, where you can insert the tags you’ve just created. Also, notice the little triangle symbol on the far right-hand side, it will open up a drop-down menu with pre-made tags.


And basically, that’s it! After you insert your tags, you’re free to schedule or publish the post and track your traffic in Google Analytics thanks to adding the UTM code.

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