Set up automoderation rules for your Instagram profiles and Ads to enable automatic replies, hiding or deleting inappropriate content from your profile, and flagging or archiving specific tickets. 

Currently, the automatic moderation rules apply to the following types of messages you receive on your Instagram profile:

  • Comments to your posts;
  • Comments to a specific post.

The following instructions will guide you through creating your first automatic moderation rule.

  • Go to your inbox module and find the Automoderation button in the top right-hand corner
  • You’ll now see a pop-up window. In its right top corner you’ll see the “Add new rule” button
  • First things first, give your rule a name. A well-thought-out name will help you find the rule on the list of rules that you create.
  • Now it’s time to choose the profile (or particular Instagram Ad) the rule will apply to. Remember - your Instagram profile and Instagram Ads need to be linked to NapoleonCat - here’s how to do so. 
  • Next step is to define a trigger. You can choose either comments or comments to specific posts. 

If you want the rule to work on a specific set of comments, you can also:

  • select tags. If you want to use these, remember that you need to tag your fans within your NapoleonCat Inbox first. You can mark active fans, trolls, bots, or whoever else you want to tag. Click here if you want to find out more. 
  • add keywords in order to specify exact triggers within comments you want to auto-moderate. 

Important: if you want the keyword to work also with prefixes and suffixes, add an asterisk (*) before and/or after the word. Be careful, adding asterisks before and after the word *lie* will trigger the rule also for the word “believe”. Separate multiple keywords with commas or press “Enter” to add another one. 

Once you’re done with defining the trigger, you can choose what actually happens with a comment.You can hide, archive, delete or flag the incoming comments. You’ll find the affected comments later on in these tabs in your NapoleonCat social inbox. 

Remember! In case of Instagram Ads you cannot hide comments.  

  • You can also publish a reply as a comment. Not to worry, it’s not a bot-like reply! You may set up to 20 different replies by clicking “Add another reply to randomize” button. NapoleonCat will choose one of them to be published each time the rule is triggered. If you want the comment author to be tagged in the reply (and notified about it), use [@author] variable in the reply content. NapoleonCat will automatically replace it with the username of the person you’re replying to. 

Scrolling down the automoderation setup, you’ll come across the “Rule schedule” box. Use it if you want the rule to work only during certain days of the week and hours, for example when your moderators are unavailable. Tick the “Rule schedule” box and mark the time slots to activate the rule (grey means active time for the rule). 

Last but not least, you can set e-mail notifications. If you decide to do so, NapoleonCat will send a notification to the indicated e-mail address each and every time the rule works. Important! We take no responsibility for thousands of notifications in your e-mail inbox, so set it wisely :). 


You’re all set!

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