Authorizing NapoleonCat is necessary to manage your profiles via our app. This must be done whenever you add or reconnect a profile to your account.

  1. Go to “Project Settings” on the left hand side. It will automatically take you to the “Profiles” tab where you can add managed profiles. Then, click the yellow “+Add managed” button.

2. You’ll see a list of social platforms to choose from. Click the platform of your choice to add a profile.

3. You’ll now see a pop-up window asking you to give NapoleonCat access to your profile. Your permission is necessary and will enable managing and analysing your pages via our app.  Click the blue button to continue.

IMPORTANT: in case you’re using any ad blockers or pop-up blockers, make sure to switch them off temporarily as they may cause problems while connecting NapoleonCat to your account. 

4. Right after giving the access to your profile, you’ll be asked to select the profiles that you wish to use with NapoleonCat. You may add and delete profiles through ticking them one by one or just tick “All Pages” which will automatically select all the pages that you either moderate or manage. Make sure that you see a blue tick next to all desired pages and then click “Next”. 

IMPORTANT: It's best if you add all of the profiles that you'd like to give authorization to now. Otherwise, you risk revoking access to some of your profiles later on, when adding additional profiles.

5. In another window, you will be asked about the specifics of your NapoleonCat authorization. Please remember to choose Yes for all of the available options - failure to do so may result in the app not working properly. When you’ve gone through the list, click “Done”.

6. You’ve now linked your profile to NapoleonCat. You’ll be brought back to the previous view.You should now be able to see the profiles that you’ve chosen in the previous steps underneath the list of available social media platforms. Confirm by clicking the blue “+Add” button on the right hand side of each profile.

Congrats! Now you can successfully manage and analyse your profiles using NapoleonCat. 

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