Do you like to collaborate with your team members when creating content for your social media posts?  Sounds like our Post flow option is for you. This option allows for you to create a multi layered team authorization system when it comes to Publishing posts. Don't worry, it's not as complex as it sounds. To get started, simply head on over to your "Project Settings" and click on the "Post flow" link.

You'll be greeted with a new window instructing you how to get started. The instructions are pretty straight forward. The most important part to remember is that by clicking on "Add members" you'll be able to specify exactly which member of your team you would like to add to the flow. You can make the tier system as long as you want.

Now, head over to our Publisher. Simply navigate to the date of a scheduled post, click on the post and a new window will open where you'll be met with numerous ways of including other teammates. You can delegate it ( similar to the way in which you can assign a message in your Inbox), or even mention teammates in a note.

In the event that you're not sure who's actually part of your glorious team, you can check for yourself. Go into your "Project Settings" and click on "Members". Voila! Every single member and their permissions are listed for your enjoyment. If you need a reminder on how to set permissions individually, we've got you covered !

Now get out there and start making things happen! Together as a...TEAM.

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