Teamwork is important, and NapoleonCat makes it a breeze for you to include your team members into your Social Inbox ( Configuring your Social Inbox ) workflow. 

As your inbox starts to fill up with more and more messages, there's a pretty big chance that you'll need to sort them accordingly based on their content. Luckily, you can designate each message to anybody on your team. Here's how to do that. 

Important: All of this information will be useless unless you first learn how to invite new users into your team. Here's how to do that:  ( Inviting new users

On every message in your inbox, if you look in the lower-left corner you'll find a dotted circular button. Once you press that, you'll get a list of members that you're able to assign this message. It is as simple as that!

how to assign a moderator

Assigning a message to a teammate is a neat feature to have, however, some cases require more attention. Within the Social Inbox, we've implemented a feature where you can consult anyone you want, including people who don’t have access to your NapoleonCat account. All that’s needed is their email address. By clicking on an individual message, you'll open up the history of that particular message. From there, if you click on over to the "Send to consult" tab, you'll have the ability to enter an email, as well as a place to write your message.

how to send a message to consult in napoleoncat

From now on, if you need grandma to chime in on a case, you can!

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