At some point, you might realize that when you try to add more profiles to your NapoleonCat you can't find them on the list. No need to worry, there's a simple way to fix that.

This can occur during the initial authorization process, while selecting your profiles, but forgetting to select all other profiles as well. In the event that you'd like to add all additional profiles (you didn't initially), you'll notice, that when you head to "workspace settings", these profiles aren't showing up.

To make them re-appear, simply log into your Facebook account linked with the profiles you'd like to add and head over to the Business Integrations Settings.

Here's how to access those settings:

facebook business integrations
facebook business integrations settings

Then find and click on the "Business Integrations" (left-hand side panel), and from there you'll be able to delete NapoleonCat from your current Active Business Integrations. Take a look below: 

how to delete napoleoncat from facebook business integrations
how to delete napoleoncat from facebook business integrations

Now, after doing that, head on over back to NapoleonCat and add a profile as shown here. While adding new profiles and granting access the integration will be restored.

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