Managing social media profiles is not only replying to comments and analysing charts and tables. It’s all about the content you publish. If you’re managing multiple profiles, publishing content means jumping between platforms. NapoleonCat takes care of that from one module - the Publisher module. Here’s how to use it:

You’ll  find the Publisher icon in the left-hand side menu. Click on it to jump straight into the module. 

There’s a few different sections here, but let’s start from the beginning. Right next to the vertical module menu, you’ll see a list of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles - your managed profiles added to NapoleonCat

Select the profile you want to publish to and notice that the little grey “+” button will change into a yellow checked one. The Publisher allows you to publish to multiple profiles at the same time. Simply click on the ones you want to publish to, as shown on the screenshot below: 

IMPORTANT: Since there’s different options/limits in regards to posting on different platforms, make sure the selected profile is highlighted in blue. Then you can insert your content and, if you want to publish to different profiles at the same time, you can jump between your selected profiles to adjust the message. There will also be an annotation under the yellow “Publish” button confirming the number of profiles. 

The next step is creating your post. As mentioned before - different platforms allow for publishing different types of content and thus the layout of the window might look slightly different. 

The image above shows how the publisher looks when you’re posting on Facebook. 

Like on the chosen platform, you are able to insert different types of content: 

  • Links
  • Images
  • Albums
  • Videos

The menu below gives you a chance to specify the audience and the time your post goes live.

You probably noticed a padlock icon - it controls another useful feature used for posting in bulk. By default it will be locked and it means that any text you write will be reflected on all selected profiles. If you would like to have a different message yet publish multiple posts at the same time, simply click on it to unlock it - this will give you a chance to tailor the post specifically to the platform (i.e. Twitter has a smaller character limit than Facebook). 

The final bit of our Publisher is the schedule calendar. This feature allows you to predetermine the exact time a post will be published, gives you time to apply changes or share the scheduled posts with your coworkers. You can hover over a chosen day and click on the yellow “Create a post” button. This action will automatically change the publisher post box to the desired date and the “Publish” button will switch to “Schedule”. 

This way you can also: 

  • Delegate to a teammate
  • Edit post
  • Delete post
  • Send to Publish

In the top right-hand side of the calendar there’s an “Export post” button. This feature allows you to get a complete list of scheduled and published posts within a given time frame, but you can also specify types by platform, status and label.

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