NapoleonCat allows you to set automated reactions to certain actions your fans/followers take on your profile. Say, you want to hide or delete comments that contain specific keywords, or you’re having a number of repeating questions - setting up Auto-moderation rules will provide immediate moderation to the most common issues. Auto-moderation will work however and whenever you want.

This solution can be applied to Facebook posts, direct messages, targeted (dark) posts but also Instagram posts and Instagram Ads. Rules can be completely customized based on triggers (i.e. comments, private messages etc.) and specific conditions - i.e. only comments with links/images.

Here’s how to set up an Auto-moderation rule:

  • In your Inbox module find the Auto-moderation button in the top right-hand corner

Automated Moderation - How to Set It Up and Use It
  • A pop-up window will show all your rules (once you set them up) with the option to edit and/or delete them. Again in the top right-hand corner you’ll find a button "Add new rule"

adding automoderation rules
  • The rule creator will ask you to name it. This will be displayed on the list of rules you create. 

  • The next step is choosing the profile the rule will apply to. Remember - your profiles need to be linked to NapoleonCat - here’s how to do it.

  • Now it’s time to define the triggers (a type of incoming message/comment) and conditions (for Facebook only) mentioned above.

triggers automatic moderation
  • After defining triggers and conditions you can also add tags and keywords. You can tag your fans within your NapoleonCat Inbox to i.e. mark top fans or trolls. More about tagging can be found here. Adding keywords is a way to specify exact triggers within messages you want to auto-moderate.

Important: Add an asterisk (*) before or/and after the keyword to make the rule work for words with prefixes and/or suffixes. For example, *lie* will trigger the rule for the word "believe". Separate multiple keywords with commas or press "Enter" to add the next one. 

asterisk automatic moderation napoleoncat

Once you’re done with defining what will trigger auto-moderation it’s time to set actions that NapoleonCat will perform:

  • Auto-moderation rules can: delete, archive, hide (comments only) and flag incoming communication in your Inbox. Comments/messages affected by the rule will be found in these tabs in your NapoleonCat Social Inbox. Note that options vary depending on the platform

  • Publishing reply - automatically post a comment on your Facebook page; depending on the message type - comment to a fan comment under your page post, comment to a fan post or private reply to a private message sent via Messenger; you can set up to 20 random replies to further boost your page engagement. More on that can be found here

  • Forward the message via email to designated recipients- the e-mail can include the message content itself, the author and link to the original message as well as additional notes.

action in inbox napoleoncat

You can also set up a schedule for your rule to work only during certain days of the week and hours. This way they will only work when your moderators are away. To set up the schedule, check the "Rule schedule" box and mark grey the time slots to activate the rule (grey means active time for the rule).

Note that the rule will only be applied to future messages, which means that the messages you've already had in your Inbox will not be auto-moderated.

rule schedule autmation moderation

All you have to do now is click "Save rule", sit back and allow NapoleonCat to do the work for you ;-)

P.S. Also, please remember to avoid conflicts between automated moderation rules. For example, you can not set two or more different rules for the same trigger, condition or keyword (if the keyword applies for the same trigger and condition).

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