Boosting campaign performance can be achieved by paying close attention to the buzz it’s creating. It’s critical to keep an eye on and quickly react to negative comments or questions your target group might have. By connecting Instagram Ads to your NapoleonCat you can overlook your campaigns without missing a single interaction.

Here’s how to link Instagram Ads to our app:

  1. Go to Workspace Settings (menu on the left) and click the yellow "+Add managed profile" button.

2. In the pop-up window click on the “Instagram Ads campaign” button.

3. You will now see another pop-up window with the list of all Facebook ad accounts connected to the Facebook account you're currently logged into. Choose the ad account to which your Instagram campaign is connected and click "Save". 

4.  You'll see a list of all your active campaigns. Click the "+Add profile to workspace" (marked with an arrow on the screenshot below) to add it. If the system doesn't detect Instagram ads within the selected account, you'll see a message informing you that Managed profiles were not found.

5. Your Instagram Ads will be listed in the Inbox panel on the right

IMPORTANT: When connecting campaigns please make sure to (temporarily) disable any pop-up blockers you might use.

You can now monitor and control your Instagram Ads comments with all the tools provided in our Social Inbox. Also at this stage, you can set Automoderation rules to be sure you won’t miss out on anything – even in your time off. More information on setting up automated moderation can be found here.

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